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Rescue and Training


JOB Dog Rescue and Training saves dogs through rescue, rehabilitation, and training services while helping ex-prisoners experience companionship, emotional healing, and community service during reentry into society.

  • We rehabilitate and train shelter dogs to assure successful adoption into new homes.

  • We help individuals and families dealing with a problematic dog by training and rehabilitating, lessening the number of re-homed pets.

Dogs saved from local shelters and rescues move into the LIFE House where issues and behaviors are addressed and rehabilitated.  Men in the house learn dog training skills from Joshua, former trainer with PAWS For Life Prison Program.  They care for the dogs and are responsible for daily training.  Once dogs have learned 6 basic commands, are potty, leash, and crate trained, they are adopted to healthy homes.

Dogs Saved By JOB Dog

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