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LIFE Coach

At JOB we are committed to helping adults thrive during difficult times in life.


Our JOB Coach program is designed to help individuals meet the demands and challenges of life. When dealing with a challenge, like recovery from addiction, release from prison, or financial hardships, individuals need support and structure focused on the hurdles associated with the particular challenge. At JOB we provide services and support while the individual learns to overcome the hurdles.

The heart of the JOB Coach program is goal orientated mentoring. A mentor is a wise model, trusted listener, and encouraging teacher. Using a biblical model, we surround the individual with staff and volunteers who become the support team. Mentors help with areas of financial responsibility, sobriety, relational integrity, and general life skills.

How does JOB Coach work?

We utilize an in-depth application which includes a complete history of the individual. Areas of mental/physical health, addictions, legal troubles, relationship and family history, education and work experience, and spirituality are included.

Participants reveal in the application process what personal goals they want to set for themselves while working our program. Goals are often influenced by their past and their present state of being. JOB staff must facilitate a cooperation between the individual, his/her team of mentors and volunteers, and the network of resources needed to achieve the goals.

In order to meet the goals, a commitment to communication and cooperation is required.

JOB strives to operate like a healthy family system. Our JOB family creates a safe and secure place for program participants to be surrounded by love while they deal with difficult areas of their life and make changes necessary to experience long-term healing and growth.

JOB staff invests in modelling effective, godly communication with mentors and program participants. Leading by humble example is necessary. Having open, honest, real time communication prevents misunderstandings and exemplifies skills individuals can use in their life. Teaching the biblical principles of listening to others, putting others ahead of yourself, and communicating truth and confrontation with godly confidence and grace is crucial. JOB staff practices these principles. The bible is rich with examples and instructions in how to relate to others. JOB Coach mentoring focuses a lot on godly relationships so that participants can grow and share the fruits with others. God wants us to be examples who communicate His love effectively with the world.


JOB Coach is used in the JOB Life House for men reentering society after serving time in prison. These men have been transformed by their faith in Christ while incarcerated. Upon release they enter the Life House where a “family” of believers are ready to help them. Through the JOB Coach program, they move through a 3-phase program that results in documentations, physical and mental health care, spiritual discipleship, work and financial stability.

Services and support include:

  1. Documentation (birth certificate, license, social security)

  2. Physical and mental healthcare

  3. Drug & alcohol counseling

  4. Resume building/writing

  5. Career building

  6. Goal orientated coaching

  7. Spiritual development

  8. Individual and family therapy

If you are interested in participating in the JOB Coach program, please contact us at (530) 652-4171 or

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